Choosing the Right Heating Fuel for Your Home

When choosing a fuel for your home heating needs, we at Montanari Fuels believe it is important that you are well-informed about your options. We would like to share the following information regarding oil heat, propane, and natural gas to help determine the best fuel source for your home.

Oil heat is clean.

Oil heat burns 95% cleaner today than 25 years ago with fewer emissions than ever, protecting your home and our environment. The heating oil industry has cut its total greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 33% over the last four decades. Conversely, natural gas leaks in the U.S. produce 28 million tons of methane – a greenhouse gas about 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide – each year.

Oil heat is safe.

Heating oil does not burn in a liquid state and is non-explosive, unlike natural gas and propane, which will give you greater peace of mind that your family is safe when heating with fuel oil. Additionally, we at Montanari Fuel provide annual heating system tune-ups to further ensure that your equipment is running safely and efficiently.

Oil heat is efficient.

New equipment and advanced technologies have made fuel oil one of the most efficient sources of heat, with efficiency ratings reaching as high as 95%.

Oil heat is dependable.

More than 40 countries produce crude oil, and new oil reserves are consistently being located worldwide. This means that you can depend on plenty of supply for years to come.

Oil heat is comfortable.

Unlike some other heating sources, oil heat offers superior comfort as it heats your home evenly and consistently.

Oil heat is economical.

Oil heat is less expensive now than it was in 1980 (adjusted for inflation). Also, did you know that you would need to purchase and burn approximately 40% more natural gas and nearly 40% more propane fuel to receive the same heating equivalent as heating oil? Heating with oil will help you burn less fuel and, therefore, save on your heating costs.

Oil heat is cost effective.

Converting to natural gas can cost more than $10,000 in parts and labor, while upgrading your current boiler or furnace can save you up to 30% on your annual fuel bills. You can save an additional 10% each heating season simply by having annual maintenance performed.

Overall Value

As an oil customer, you can choose which local company delivers your fuel and services your equipment. Unlike major utilities, you can count on Montanari Fuel to assist you at any time and in any weather.

Propane misses the economic mark.

True heating value is proportional to the energy derived from the fuel. This means the fuel's BTU (British Thermal Unit) value must be considered – not just the gallon price or efficiency rating. Therefore, to compare oil and propane, one must factor in the BTU value of the respective fuels.

Consider the real math comparing an 85% efficient oil heating system and a 95% efficient propane heating system:
FUEL OIL: 130,000 BTU * 85% / $3.29 = 33,587 BTUs per dollar
PROPANE: 95,000 BTU * 95% / $2.89 = 31,228 BTUs per dollar

Converting to natural gas will often cost you MORE than upgrading to a new oil heating system.

One of the most respected consumer publications, Money Magazine, has stated that "the cost of converting [from fuel oil] would be higher than any potential savings you'd get". Furthermore, an upgrade in oil heat equipment can cost half as much as a conversion. If your current boiler is 15 years old or older, you can save an additional 30% per year in energy and cost savings!

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