The TankSure® Program
Good for you, your investment, and our environment

Our annual heating system tune-up will now include an efficiency test of your heating system and an ultrasonic test of your fuel oil tank through The TankSure® Program. Our annual tune-up will help ensure that your heating system will be operating at peak efficiency, which will help you save on fuel consumption. Along with the revolutionary ultrasonic inspection of your fuel oil tank, qualified tanks will become eligible for a $1,000 Tank Replacement Payment. About 94% of tested tanks will qualify, and the $1,000 replacement payment goes toward a new oil tank when you need one. Tanks that disqualify and are in need of immediate replacement will receive a $200 credit toward that tank replacement.

Monitoring the condition of your fuel oil tank with our EPA-approved testing technology is an important annual safety practice. Plus, earning $1,000 toward the replacement of your tank is a great investment for your home.

The TankSure® Program will help you save on fuel costs, protect your investment in your home, and help prepare you to obtain a new tank when you need one in the future.

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